Lens Talk with the Pinoy Wanderer, Revinson Martin

photoAs Lens Talk moves to its new home, it’s time to get the keyboard ticking again and meet some great photo artists. And on its initial offering (on it’s new home), I would like you to listen to the lens of one of my best buddies in Instagram, the Pinoy wanderer, Revinson Martin.

Vhins as he is commonly called is an IT Lecturer for 14 years now. He started at TIP Manila in the year 2000, then transferred to UE Manila from 2001-2007 before he decided to become an OFW in Oman. From 2007 until now, he teaches IT subjects in one of the Universities in Oman.

He started photography in 2008 during their 1st trip to Dubai. Prior to that, he is not into taking pictures because he thought he’s not good at it and he doesn’t have a good camera. But after he was able to buy his 1st DSLR camera (a Canon E450D), his passion for photography was awakened.

Asked who was or were his influences in photography, he said there are no particular people but his urge to take pictures as a way of documenting his trips. He also confessed that he learned the basic of photography through Google search.

Vhins has been with Instagram for more than 3 years now. When I signed-up with this photo-sharing site, he’s one of the first people whom I followed aside from my friends. I was awed when I saw his gallery, there’s something in his photos that connected to me, and that is what impressed me in a photo artist; when his/her photos were able to talk to me and describe the story behind the capture, and that is what Vhins’ photos did.

Being a “veteran” Iger, I asked him who are his idols or who does he look up the most in the pool of great Instagrammers and he said no particular person again, it depends on their galleries if he sees it interesting then he followed and he doesn’t want galleries full of selfies. (hehehe).

As evident in his gallery, his most favorite photo subjects are People, Architecture and Sunsets. He loves to capture people because he gets inspired by them. He also added “Using my camera, I always try to search into emotion found on the street. It could be love, happiness, loneliness, or sadness, and the best challenge is to capture that”. As for architecture, he is challenged in capturing it because it requires skills to capture its character and details. And lastly the sunset, he said “I like the reds, the oranges and the yellows that make up a sunset. I really love the beauty of the sunset specially it is happening in front of your eyes, but sometimes it is difficult to capture it with your camera.”

Taking photos is really an experience worth treasuring and there will always be that one experience in photography that we will never forget. For Vhins that experience was during one of his trips to Malaysia. It was their last night in that country and he’s about to capture one of the streets in Kuala Lumpur from the pent house of the building when suddenly his camera’s battery went off. That was really a sad moment for him because the view was perfect and it could have been an amazing capture.

And lastly, I asked him what for him is the best thing about photography or what did photography has done for him so far? He then replied, “It’s my stress reliever. Photography gives me happiness specially if people honestly moved by my photos. They make my photos more interesting and important”.

So enough of the photographer’s talk, let’s now listen to what his photos have to say.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset




photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)




photo 2



To see more of his wonderful works you can check-out and also follow his Instagram account at http://instagram.com/vhins0327


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